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About The Innkeepers

Uphill House B&B is owned and operated by Samantha (Sam) and Scott Darling and Sam’s parents, Suzanne and David Solomon. It is definitely a “family run business” with Sam and Suzanne as Culinary Operations and Housekeeping, Scott as Maintenance and Finance, Dave as everything Tourism, and the whole group helping with Marketing, Advertising, and Landscaping/Yard Work.

Sam went to college at Ole Miss and Scott went to New Mexico State University and both were a bit nomadic before becoming B&B owners. They actually met in Arkansas while serving in a non-traditional education corps and from 2007 - 2014 moved around and lived in Arkansas, Texas, and West Virginia. In 2012 Sam and Scott started exploring the idea of operating their own business. During this time, David and Suzanne were planning retirement and preparing to leave Georgia, where they had been for the last twenty years. David and Suzanne decided that even though they were ready for retirement, they were interested in being a part of something new and the B&B was actually Suzanne’s idea. It seemed to combine everyone's interests and hobbies and also brought everyone to Virginia, where Sam’s little sister, Kaitlin, lives (Kaitlin visits the B&B often, so you will probably see her around!).

Sam and Scott are avid craft beer enthusiasts and absolutely love Virginia because of this! With the B&B in the middle of wine country though, they have also had a great time learning more about the art of wine and recently started exploring their taste for whiskey. They love being outside and enjoy hiking, camping, kayaking, biking, and rock climbing and they have quite the travel bug (and Scott is actually fluent in German).

Suzanne and David went to Indiana University and even though they did not know each other in college, they met and then got married in Indianapolis. Sam is their oldest daughter and Kaitlin is four years younger. While Suzanne and David both have roots in the Mid-West, David’s last job took the family to Georgia. Both daughters went out of state for college, so David and Suzanne were thrilled when the B&B brought everyone back together in Virginia. Suzanne and David also enjoy traveling and have loved being in an area of the USA with so much history. As a family, everyone likes good food and good music and is pretty competitive, so game nights are common, especially involving cards.

Since the B&B is family-run by four people, this allows everyone to travel, so sometimes you will be hosted by Suzanne and David, sometimes Sam and Scott, and sometimes everyone will be there!

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